22 Best Foosball Table Reviews & Buying Guide

There is nothing like a game of foosball to bring a group of friends or loved ones together. As you grab onto the steel or aluminum rods, watch your players spin to kick and block balls and see the ball fly into the goal, you can’t help but shout in excitement. Though you might think that foosball tables(www.bestfoosballtables.review) are something you use in an arcade, there are some great models that will work just as well in your own game room, rec room or basement.

ProductImageReview Score 
Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table with 1-Man Goalie9.7Check Price on Amazon
Tornado Elite Foosball Table 9.6Check Price on Amazon
Garlando G-5000 Wenge Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table 9.5Check Price on Amazon
Tornado Classic Foosball Table 9.4Check Price on Amazon
Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball/Soccer Folding Game Table 9.3Check Price on Amazon
American Heritage Element 58-in. Foosball Table9.2Check Price on Amazon
Viper Maverick Foosball/Soccer Game Table 9Check Price on Amazon
American Heritage Carlyle Series 390001 Tournament Size Foosball Table 8.9Check Price on Amazon
Carrom Signature Foosball Table8.8Check Price on Amazon
Warrior Professional Foosball Table W/ LEDs 8.7Check Price on Amazon
Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table 8.6Check Price on Amazon
Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table 8.4Check Price on Amazon
EastPoint Sports Durango Foosball Table 8.3Check Price on Amazon
KICK Royalton Foosball Table 8.2Check Price on Amazon
Warrior Professional Foosball Table 8Check Price on Amazon
EastPoint Sports Outdoor Foosball Game 7.9Check Price on Amazon
KICK Splendor Foosball Table 7.6Check Price on Amazon
Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak Foosball Table 7.5Check Price on Amazon
EastPoint Sports Outdoor Table Soccer Game 7.4Check Price on Amazon
Hathaway Primo Soccer Table 7.3Check Price on Amazon
Playcraft Milan European Foosball Table 7.1Check Price on Amazon
Playcraft Pitch Foosball Table 7Check Price on Amazon

The best of those is the Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table with 1-Man Goalie because it looks just like the ones used in arcades but does not require that you pay to play. This foosball table has a durable cabinet made from stainless steel and laminate, counter-balanced men on the field and one man in front of each goal box. If you aren’t sure if this Tornado investment is worth the money, you can see how it stacks up against others from Tornado and other manufacturers.

How to Choose the Ultimate Foosball Table

Some people will tell you to spend thousands on a foosball table, and some people will tell you to spend less, but you should really spend as much as you feel comfortable spending. Tables in the $300 range are good enough for those who only want to play a few times a year. If you plan on hosting tournaments and playing regularly, you need to spend at least $700 to $1,000 on a high-quality table.

Cabinet Construction

The cabinet is the visible part of the table and the part of the table that stands on the attached or included legs. Those made from composite materials are more affordable but may only last for a few years or less. The top tables include cabinet made from real hardwood that will last for thousands of games.

Coin Operated or Not?

Coin operated foosball tables are exactly like those seen in your favorite arcades. These tables have a mechanism that requires you put in coins to play, though some come with a feature that turns off this mechanism. For a table you play on at home, you generally want one without this mechanism.

Combo Tables

Traditional foosball tables let you play foosball and nothing else, but combo tables come loaded with other games you can play too. You can replace the top with a flat top that lets you play card games. Some tables also come with tops that you can use for pool and other games.


Tournament and competition regulations state that foosball tables must measure 56-inches long and no longer. If you have enough space in your home for a competition table, feel free to stick to this size. You’ll also find tables that are slightly smaller for use in tiny spaces and those that are much longer and have space for more players.

Tabletop Construction

The construction of the tabletop is just as important as the construction of the cabinet. While those made from plywood, particle board or MDF are affordable, you’ll likely find that the top warps over time. Tops made from hardwood are more durable and will not warp or bend.

Leg Levelers

Never buy a standard foosball table unless it comes with leg levelers. These levelers let you screw the legs up and down to keep the playing field smooth and even. The levelers can also change the height of the table and make it more suitable for kids.

Goal Box

Many players prefer tables that have three men standing in front of the goal box. You can move the attached rod and get one of those men in place to stop the ball. Some tables have just one man standing in front of the goal boxes.

Score Markers

Most of the foosball tables that you’ll see come with manual score markers that you’ll need to move yourself when you or an opponent scores. A small number of companies make tables with electronic scorekeepers that automatically update the current score based on each goal made.

Top Rated Foosball Tables on the Market

1. Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table with 1-Man Goalie (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Even if you’re not in a tournament state of mind, you might still like having the Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table with 1-Man Goalie in your rec room because it’s almost exactly the same as those used in competitions. This table mimics the designs of the commercial foosball tables that Tornado makes but lets you play without paying for your game first. It features a cabinet that uses both laminate and stainless steel in its design and levelers for adjusting the height of the table or the height of each leg.

The brushed steel rods used on this table move so smoothly that you’ll never find yourself fighting to make your men turn, and the rods have guards to keep each one from falling out. Baking on the corners keeps the balls from sticking in the corners and allows the ball to move back towards the center of the table where all players can reach it, and manual scorers help you update the current score when a player nails a goal. This table also has counter-balanced men that will never tip over and a single goalie in front of each goal box.

2. Tornado Elite Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Another high-quality foosball table from Tornado is its Elite Foosball table, which comes with a durable frame that has a laminate material over the sides that mimics cherry hardwood. Four solid black legs give the table enough stability for rugged or excited plays, but the levelers on the base of those legs can bring the height down for younger players or help even out the playing field. The men on the field come in shades of yellow and black that help you easily spot your men and figure out how and where to hit the ball during intense games.

This table has bumpers inside that let the ball bounce against the walls and back onto the field, but these bumpers also keep the ball from landing in a corner or another spot on the table where your men cannot go. Each metal rod, which turns effortlessly inside the table, has a handle made from natural birch wood that Tornado sands down smoothly to keep splinters from lodging in your hands. You’ll also get manual scorekeepers on each end of the table and a rod directly in front of your goal box with three men attached and ready to block shots.

3. Garlando G-5000 Wenge Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Though foosball might seem like an indoor sport, Garlando wants you to play outside too, which is why it makes tables like this G-5000 Wenge Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table that lets you take the fun and excitement of foosball outside. This table uses a type of plastic laminate that is resistant to weather conditions like rain and birch legs that can withstand high winds and other environmental factors. Those legs have levelers that help you adjust the table to compensate for uneven patio tiles or deck boards and a slanted design that offers more support for the top.

Wooden inserts inside the plastic grips located on the metal rods help you keep a better grip on the handles and reduce the risk of your hands sweating. As the men used on this foosball table remain permanently molded onto each rod, you won’t need to worry about those little men coming loose or falling off. A felt lining used inside the table reduces the bounce of the ball and cuts back on the noise of the ball moving across the table, which also has a ball return system that drops the ball into a dedicate slot after a goal.

4. Tornado Classic Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

This Classic Foosball Table from Tornado is a little less expensive than some of its other foosball tables, but thanks to its thick cabinet, you can play thousands of games without the cabinet breaking apart. The laminate used on the outside of this cabinet looks very similar to real black leather and matches the black finish used on the legs, which have simple levelers for changing the height of the legs as well as the surface of the table. A ball return system built inside the table catches the ball once player scores and drops it down through a hole on the side of the table.

Natural wood handles located on the end of the rods are smooth to the touch and won’t cut or stab into your hands, and as there are four handles located on each side of the table, it can accommodate up to two players on each side. The rods will not slide out of the table and do a good job of supporting the players in colors of black and yellow too. With three goalies located on the rod in front of your goal box, you have a better chance of blocking shots from an opponent.

5. Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball/Soccer Folding Game Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Whether you want to play foosball in your basement or in the middle of your yard, you can pick up this Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball/Soccer Folding Game Table and move it anywhere you want to play. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this table features legs that you can fold up, which makes the overall table a little more compact, but once unfolded, those legs provide plenty of support for the table. The weatherproof cabinet that surrounds this table uses a combination of fiberglass and plastic materials that can withstand everything from snow to hail.

The telescopic bars used as rods in this table spin in all directions and have three layers of coating on top that keeps the metal safe from rust. When you score a goal, or an opponent score a goal, you’ll love that the ball bounces into a retrieval system that you can access from your own goal box to keep the game going. Roller bearings made from steel inside the rods help you spin your rods without your hands cramping, and those rods have plastic grips made from the same plastic as the durable men on the field.

6. American Heritage Element 58-in. Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

One of the most beautiful and unique foosball tables that we found is this American Heritage Element 58-in. Foosball Table, which almost looks like it uses reclaimed wood in its cabinet. This table has an entirely unique and unusual look that includes wood feet on the bottom that match back to the dark and distressed wood in the cabinet, metal legs that attach to those feet and metal accents across the table itself. The manual scorekeepers located on each end use the same type of metal, and you’ll find that the rods match the dark color of that metal too.

Both sides of the table have a hole for dropping the ball into the exact center of the table, which ensures that both sides have an equal chance of hitting it first, and both ends have a ball return for catching the ball after an opponent score. At 189 pounds, this table is sturdy enough for dozens of competitions or tournaments, but it is just a little longer than the standard tables used in those games. Using this table will help you practice before a big match and take on the competition.

7. Viper Maverick Foosball/Soccer Game Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Block foosball tables like this Viper Maverick Foosball/Soccer Game Table are great for beginners who want to get more familiar with the game because this design is exactly the same as those used on tournament tables. Instead of going with traditional green for the playing field, Viper opted for a black finish on the surface that pairs nicely with the black and red accents as well as the men, which come in shades of silver and black. The table has a ball return system on each end that can hold multiple balls to help you keep playing without emptying that system after each score.

Steel apron boxes inside each goal box make a loud dinging sound when the ball strikes the metal, which lets anyone in the area know that a player just scored. The 16mm steel rods used to the table match tournament regulations and are hollow to help you spin and move those rods with less pressure. This Maverick table also uses octagonal grips on each rod that closely mimic the shape of a closed hand too.

8. American Heritage Carlyle Series 390001 Tournament Size Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Many foosball tables feature bright colors and accents that make those tables look a little juvenile, but this American Heritage Carlyle Series 390001 Tournament Size Foosball Table has a traditional and classy look that make it fit perfectly in any den or home office as well as a rec or game room. The parquet playing field inside the table looks more like a floor than a foosball surface and allows the ball to glide effortlessly across the table. Though the table has hollow steel handles, those handles will last for years without bending, even when you exert more pressure.

The espresso finish used on the cabinet and the legs gives this table a warmer and richer look that will leave loved ones wondering just how much you paid for it, and the legs each have built-in levelers on the bottom. Manual scorekeepers in a matching dark color sit directly above the goal box on each end. This table also features a ball retrieval system that can hold multiple balls and two cup holders on each side for players and their guests with leather inserts inside.

9. Carrom Signature Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

When you invest in the Carrom Signature Foosball Table, your investment will certainly pay off because Carrom puts this table through a number of different tests to ensure it will meet the demands of its customer base before putting it up for sale. The table has a durable cabinet inside and a one-inch thick extra piece on the outside that comes in a lighter Moroccan finish. This is also one of the only foosball tables that you will find made entirely in the United States.

On top of the table is a thick tabletop that measures 3/4-inch thick to take some of the pressure off the table itself, and this surface features a bright green finish with goals and other decorative accents in white. The metal rods on this table are hollow but won’t bend or shift, and the rods have octagonal hand grips on the ends and bearings inside that help the rods spin more smoothly. This table also comes with levelers on its legs in a chrome finish and a scoring system made from wood beads that let both players record their goals.

10. Warrior Professional Foosball Table W/ LEDs (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Do you love playing foosball but often grow tired of an overhead or side light constantly shining in your eyes? With this Warrior Professional Foosball Table W/LEDs, you can now play in the middle of the night or any other time that the mood strikes you without using all the lights in the room because this table comes with its own built-in LED lights. Warrior designed those lights to completely surround the inside surface of the table top and the playing field, and you can choose a cycle that showcases different shades of light or just one shade of light. As those lights shine, others in the room will want to jump in and play.

With counter-balanced men that will never tip over, this table provides hours of gameplay and lets players of all ages practice their skills. Each of those men has a slightly bent or angled foot that allows you to strike the ball at the perfect angle to get it moving. This table also has a guard system that lets players pull and tug on the rods without the rods coming out.

11. Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

With four handles on each side, this Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table has enough space for a simple game of one-on-one or a larger game with two players working against each other. A ball return system keeps the ball inside the table but puts that ball in a convenient location that you can reach while keeping one hand on the table, and it has a center drop hole for dropping the ball in the center of the table to start a new game. Shelti added a trim that wraps around the table and adjusts the angle of the sides to keep balls from lodging in the corners, on the sides or in other places that you can’t reach with your men.

Vinyl wraps used on the legs won’t peel off as you play, and those legs have levelers that can add a full inch to the height of the table. Sharp edges used on the feet of the men attached to the rods help you make bank shots and put more force behind your shots. This table also has manual scorekeepers as well as three men in front of each goal.

12. Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Many people know Garlando for its table soccer games that you can play inside and out, but this Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table is one of the models that the company makes specifically for indoor play. The table has a more basic look that some might find a little plain, which includes solid black legs with attached levelers and a natural wood finish on the cabinet. With men in shades of red and green attached to the metal rods, this table makes it easy to see where your own guys are on the bright green field.

Made from steel with an anti-rust coating over the top, the rods on this table move so smoothly that you’ll never miss an important shot. The plastic laminate used on the surface is resistant to scratches and will help the ball move more smoothly and keep players from hitting the balls into areas that will bring the game to a stop because no one can reach them. It also has a ball retrieval system and comes with 10 balls for playing longer games.

13. EastPoint Sports Durango Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Do you love playing foosball but hate that most tables can only accommodate two players at once? The EastPoint Sports Durango Foosball Table, which has a classy and somewhat elegant look, gives you more room for playing with your friends and has four rods and handles on each side for two or more people to play on each side. Though the amount of space available might limit you to just one person on your team, you can often spread out and have room for additional players.

This table uses both wood and steel that gives it an elegant look and increases the stability and strength of the table. The metal rods have bearings inside the help the rods turn more smoothly, a brushed bronze finish that matches back to the table and handles that fit so smoothly in your hands that you can play for hours or longer. In addition to the table, EastPoint Sports also gives you two balls and a shim tool that you can use for adjusting the legs on the Durango.

14. KICK Royalton Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

KICK makes a number of foosball tables that are affordable enough for most families and stylish enough that you won’t mind adding one to your home like this Royalton Foosball Table. Though it may not be exactly like those that the royal family play on, the Royalton features a green playing field on the inside with white lines that mark the center of the table and white outlines on each goal. As the company chose red and blue for the men that sit on top of that field, you shouldn’t have any troubles spotting your own men as you play.

Those men are all counter-balanced men that won’t tip over or lean to one side after you shoot, and the manufacturer includes a set of uniformed men that you can use in place of the red and blue set. The eight rods inside the table are solid steel and can withstand more pressure from players, and each rod has bearings inside, nonslip wood handles and safety caps that lock the rods to the table. There are even two chrome cup holders that you can install on the table or leave off.

15. Warrior Professional Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

When you want to play against the big boys but need some practice first, you’ll love having the Warrior Professional Foosball Table in your home because this table meets all the regulations required for professional play. This professional table is one of the best tables you can get because it’s affordable and durable. The table comes with its own guard system that incorporates locking mechanisms onto each rod that keep kids and adults from pulling those rods out of the table.

While you can pay extra for professional installation, this table is easy to assemble on your own because Warrior includes the only tool that you will need for the job and the only tool necessary for putting all the parts together. This tool will even help you add the manual scorekeepers that feature small wood pieces you move to one side to keep track of your goals. Though you only get one man on your goal, Warrior firmly secures all those men to the metal rods to keep the counter-balanced men from coming lose during games.

16. EastPoint Sports Outdoor Foosball Game (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Players who swear by solid wood tables probably never played on an aluminum table like this EastPoint Sports Outdoor Foosball Game before, which the manufacturer designed for outdoor play. That aluminum adds all the support necessary for keeping high winds from knocking the table over, but that metal also brings down the weight of the table for carrying or moving it around outside. The frame itself is weather-resistant, but other parts of the table, including the playing surface, are resistant to moisture like rain, and EastPoint Sports even gives you a cover that you can use to cover the table when you leave it outside.

Even though there is just one man standing in front of your goal, there is a second rod with two additional men directly in front of that man, and you can use both hands to turn those two rods to protect your goal. The table can accommodate up to four players at once and has scorekeepers on each end that you can move on your own. It also has levelers on each of its four legs that let you adjust the overall height of the table.

17. KICK Splendor Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

With two sets of men included with this KICK Splendor Foosball Table, you can decide exactly which team you want to play with before starting a game. One of those sets is more traditional and features men in either white or yellow that stand out against the green playing surface to help you keep track of your players as the ball moves. The other set, which is easy to install once you remove the previous set, are uniformed men who look more like real athletes with small faces and come dressed in replica soccer uniforms.

Backed by an unlimited lifetime warranty that covers the legs, playing surface, cabinet and other parts, this table has a laminate material on the legs and cabinet that looks like a deeper shade of wood. A ball drop located on each side sends the ball down into the exact center of the table to ensure that no one side has an advantage over the other. Designed for between two and four players to use at the same time, this table has a ball return system that catches each ball shot into a goal.

18. Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

If you really aren’t sure how often you’ll use a foosball table or how regularly your family will play, this Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak Foosball Table is a good choice for you because it’s a durable table that will work for most families and one of the cheapest foosball tables on the market. Made from some of the best materials like steel and real wood, this table goes through different types of tests to ensure it will last before it goes on the market. It features a melamine cabinet on the outside with a burr oak finish that might match the wood furniture already in your home.

The men included with this foosball table actually look like real soccer players and come with faces, hair, and clothing that looks like professional uniforms painted on as well as numbers on their jerseys. Each man has a pointed foot that lets you strike the ball with as much force as possible or to lightly tap the ball to score. It comes with plated steel rods and three men in front of each goal.

19. EastPoint Sports Outdoor Table Soccer Game (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Do you really want an outdoor table soccer table but worry that an aluminum table will take away from the appeal of your patio or deck? With the EastPoint Sports Outdoor Table Soccer Game, that will no longer be a worry on your brain because this table has a more upscale design that uses the darker wood material on the outside as well as a richly dark wicker material around the sides that might match your existing patio furniture. Small cut-outs on each side serve as ball drops for dropping the ball in the center of the table at the beginning of a new game.

Another cut-out area in the wicker area serves as the ball retrieval system and can hold the balls that you use in between games. The frame is weather-resistant and safe for using in all climates, and both the table cover and playing surface are resistant to moisture. Its metal rods have a darker finish to match the cabinet, and the men on those rods come in shades of cream and a brownish orange.

20. Hathaway Primo Soccer Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

You may just feel like a primo soccer player when you test your skills out on this Hathaway Primo Soccer Table, which comes with cabinet panels on each side made from MDF and covered in a laminate that mimics the look of hardwood. Its butcher block design recreates the look and feel of a butcher block table and gives you a solid surface for playing on against opponents. The two legs located on each end have a center bar that adds extra stability and levelers for adjusting the table’s height.

Counter-balanced men give you more control over each shot and ensure that you never need to fight with the table to make those men stand upright. Chrome accents abound on this table and are on the two built-in cup holders, scorekeepers, corners, around the rods and on one set of men. The other set of men come in a deeper and darker brown color that matches back to the color of the cabinet and the legs of the table.

21. Playcraft Milan European Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

If you want something truly different that doesn’t look anything at all like the foosball tables you played on in the past, you’ll probably love this Playcraft Milan European Foosball Table, which has a modern and contemporary design. The light and natural wood of this table might remind you of the Danish furniture that was popular during the mid-century modern era, and the slanted dark legs give it an almost futuristic style. This table has an angled design that keeps the ball from rolling into the corners or sticking to the edges and forces the ball towards the center and middle of the playing field.

The men on this table come in red and black and really stand out on the green playing field, which has white around the goals. Those men have angled feed to better strike the ball and a counter-balanced design that keeps them from falling over. This table will work with tournament balls and comes with scorekeepers that match the colors of the men.

22. Playcraft Pitch Foosball Table (Check Price on Amazon.com)

We wanted to include at least one more affordable table that would work for those who had less to spend, and after looking at combo tables and tabletop tables, we picked the Playcraft Pitch Foosball Table as the most affordable option. This table has steel supports that it molds the men around and telescoping steel rods that move through those men to let you move them anywhere you want or need. The rods have a chrome plating on the outside that retains its shiny finish, even after years of playing.

Braces in a chrome finish sit between the legs on each end to give the table more stability, and that chrome finish matches the finish found on the levelers that let you adjust each leg. Scorekeepers on each end use the same red and black colors as the men on the field do. With a ball retrieval system that moves the ball from the goal, you can grab that ball and drop it back in the center to avoid any pauses in your game.

TOP 1 Foosball Table of 2017

With a cabinet made from a combination of laminate and stainless steel, this Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table with 1-Man Goalie will last long into the future. The outside of the cabinet features all the bright graphics that you expect to find on the tournament and arcade tables, but you can play on this table without inserting any money first. It has counter-balanced men on top that twist and turn on the rod before coming back to to the proper position.

Steel rods meet the regulations for commercial play and will not break or bend. Guards placed on the metal also keeps the rods from slipping out of place.

Buy The Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table with 1-Man Goalie on Amazon.com!