Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table Reviews & Buying Guide

Have you ever wandered into an arcade as an adult and wondered how you had so much fun as a kid with those bright lights flashing in your eyes and the loud noises ringing in your ears? You can recreate all the fun and excitement of your youth and avoid the hassles of an arcade with a foosball table that you set up in your game room, rec room or even living room. Some of the best foosball tables on the market today come from Atomic.

ProductImageReview Score 
Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table 9.5Check Price on Amazon
Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table9.3Check Price on Amazon
Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table 8.9Check Price on Amazon

Finding the best foosball table from Atomic was something that took time on our part. We didn’t want to just pick the most expensive table or the cheapest table because we wanted to find one that was suitable for players with different skill levels as well as players of different ages. When it came right down to its though, we found that the Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table was the best one around.

The Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table is more unique than the other tables made by the company and has an almost futuristic design that features a black cabinet with the Atomic logo in bright blue and white on the ends and bright blue accents along the sides. Its cabinet has both a ball entry slot in the exact center that gives all players the chance to hit the ball when it lands on the field and a ball return system that works with both goals. The Eurostar is our top choice, but we recommend that you take a look at other foosball tables from Atomic before making your final decision.

How to Choose the Best Atomic Foosball Table


One of the main differences between the foosball tables that Atomic makes is in relation to the legs. The Eurostar table has sleep and contemporary legs that will fit with a modern home. If you want something simpler or more basic, you’ll like the standard legs found on the Gladiator.

Men Design

The men that you play with on the table come in different colors and designs. The Pro Force foosball table has the most basic players and features generic looking men in solid colors. Other tables from Atomic come with men that look like actual soccer players, and some even have paint jobs designed to look like real uniforms.

Ball Return System

A ball return system is a must-have because it eliminates the fumbling around that you do as you search for the ball that you or another player scored with during a game. Some of the tables that Atomic makes will put the ball return on one end or edge of the table. Others put the return in the center on one side of the table to help all players reach it.


The Eurostar table that Atomic makes has one of the most fun and unique designs that we ever saw. This design includes bright colors on the edges. If you prefer something more traditional, you can bring home one of the tables the company makes with a laminate cabinet that looks like hardwood.

Handle Design

Whether you try using the table yourself, or you read reviews that other customers posted, you’ll want to get an idea of how the handles will fit in your own hands. Those handles shouldn’t feel so slick that your hands will slide off but shouldn’t be so firm that it causes your hands to cramp. Most Atomic tables can accommodate between two and four players at a time.

Goal Design

Though you probably assume that all foosball tables have the same goals, those found on the Eurostar are slightly different. Made from metal, these goals are higher than those used on other tables and extend up from the top rail. This allows the goals to catch balls that fly a little higher and keep those balls from flying out of the table.

Ease of Assembly

While the Eurostar has a great look, some may find that assembling it takes too long because putting the legs on in the wrong way can make the table topple over when you start a game. If you do not want to pay for professional installation and don’t want to waste a lot of time assembling a table, you’ll want to choose one of the more basic tables from the company that uses straight legs.

Cup Holders

If you love playing with a drink nearby, you’ll want to pick one of the two foosball tables that the company makes that come with integrated cup holders. These holders are large enough to hold most standard cups, bottles, and cans and let you keep a drink right beside you.

Top Rated Atomic Foosball Tables on the Market

1. Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table (Check Price on

Though you can buy a foosball table that looks just like all the other foosball tables around, you can also buy this Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table and have one that looks more unique in your home. The Eurostar table looks a little like those you might see in an arcade but have a more unusual design that would look right at home in a rec room with a modern design. Sleek legs on the bottom add to this funky design, and each of those legs has a leveler for adjusting individual legs or a set of two legs.

No matter how hard you play, you’ll love the grips placed on the ends of each rod, which have an octagonal design that will accommodate your entire hand and let you wrap your fingers around the handles without feeling cramped in your wrists or fingers. Atomic used a type of soft rubber for those grips that act like cushioning and keep your hands from sliding around when you go to make a big play. Each rod has a separate component inside that allows the rods to slide across the table without leaving the table.

If you want to feel like you’re in the middle of a real soccer game, you’ll appreciate the realistic elements added to this table like the green color added to the playing field, which resembles a green grass field, and the white markings and outlines added to that field. Atomic added a realistic look to the men too, which includes painting on uniforms, shoes, faces and even hair. The angled feet of those players lets you hit the ball as hard as you would like without scratching the table.

You can increase the excitement of your next party and have a little more fun because of the larger metal pieces located inside each goal, which allows the ball to strike loudly against the metal and helps the table catch any balls that might fly over the end. Two cup holders located next to each goal are handy for storing drinks during intense games. You’ll also love the chrome accents on those cup holders that match back to the metal used on the rods, ball return system, ball entry and scorekeepers.

2. Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table (Check Price on

Not everyone likes modern, futuristic and unique foosball tables, which is why the company also makes some more traditional options like this Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table. When you step up to this table, you might actually feel like a gladiator about to step in front of the crowd because it has such a large cabinet. That cabinet has a durable frame inside and laminate pieces around all four sides that look like wood.

The paler wood color on the cabinet really pops against the dark black used on the legs, which sit in each corner and act like columns to completely support the table and the action taking place on top. Though the legs are a little bulkier than those on other tables, you’ll never find that the legs get in your way or stop you from taking the shot that you want to make. Caps on the top of each leg add even more stability, and the bottom of each leg has a built-in leveler.

Have you ever dropped a ball on a foosball table and felt like one player had an unfair advantage over another because of where the ball landed? The ball entry slots on this table eliminate that problem because there is a slot on each side of the table that ensures the ball drops directly into the center and onto a spot that all players can reach. Once a player scores, the ball will enter into the ball return system, which carries the ball to a second space near the end of the table.

You’ll never have a problem finding your men on this table either because Atomic created men that wear uniforms in shades of red and black that you can spot in seconds. With the steel rods used in this table, which have grips on the ends made from natural wood, you can control all those men easily too. The Gladiator also features two scoring mechanisms that you can use as you or your opponent scores and two cup holders for storing drinks on each end.

3. Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table (Check Price on

Do you keep looking at the other two tables from Atomic and finding things you like about both, which makes it almost impossible to pick out a foosball table? With this Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table, you get the best and both worlds and no longer need to choose between a table that is a little too modern or a little too traditional. The Pro Force combines elements of both to make it fit perfectly in your game room.

Modern elements include chrome accents on the rails and ends as well as black legs that are wider at the top and thinner at the bottom. Each of these corner legs will help fully support the table, and with the levelers on the base, you can now change the height of the table when playing with other adults before lowering the table for younger players. Those levelers also let you adjust the table for playing on floors that aren’t completely flat.

Made from a number of steel parts, this table is strong enough to support all the action that comes from players hitting the sides and using a lot of force when spinning the rods. Those rods will spin smoothly and won’t jam, and Atomic designed those rods with components on the end that keep each one inside its dedicated spot. You even get four extra balls that you can use to play all night or day long.

With an internal ball return system, you’ll never lose track of your balls again either because this system transports all the balls from the goals on the end of the table to a slot just below the goal. The men featured on this table come in two different shades and have a block design that is less realistic than some players might like. It also features a scoring mechanism on each table end and a green playing field, but the table lacks the cup holders found on other Atomic tables.

The Ultimate Atomic Foosball Table

Though some people will like the more traditional design of other Atomic foosball tables, we think the funky design of the Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table makes it one of the best options on the market today. This table has angled legs that are thinner and give you more room under the table, but the legs have built-in levelers and will provide the same level of support as traditional legs do. Two cup holders on each end of the table let you and your teammate keep your favorite drinks nearby.

The Eurostar has chrome accents all across the table that work with the black of the cabinet, including on the cup holders, the manual scoring mechanisms, and even the rods. Matching metal pieces inside the goals let everyone know when a player scores and keeps balls shot too high from flying off the table. The Eurostar also comes with a ball return system and a ball entry slot.

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