Brunswick Foosball Table Reviews & Buying Guide

Brunswick is one of the top names in the recreational industry, but you may know the company more for its bowling products than you do the other recreational products that it makes. The company sells balls, gloves, shoes and even bags for bowlers. You’ll also find some great tables that will make your rec room a fun place to hang out, including foosball, pool and ping pong tables.

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Brunswick 51870486001 Wood Foosball Table 9.5Check Price on Amazon
Brunswick Foosball Table – Matte Black Kicker 9.3Check Price on Amazon

The top foosball table that you’ll find from Brunswick is the Brunswick 51870486001 Wood Foosball Table, which has a matte black finish on a wood cabinet. Each player gets control of men attached to metal rods that move as smoothly as you need to score the winning shot. Whether you love foosball or another indoor game, you’ll find plenty of tables from Brunswick that is perfect for your family and friends.

How to Choose the Best Brunswick Foosball Table


Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on recreational game tables, which is why Brunswick offers tables that fit different budgets. It’s important that you think about how often your family will actually play or how often you will play with friends. More expensive tables may not work with your budget or your lifestyle.


As much as you may want to go with a more affordable option, you should always consider the quality of the table in addition to the price. The Brunswick 51870486001 Wood Foosball Table is a much stronger and more heavy-duty table that will work with your younger kids and as they grow. A cheaper table will use inexpensive materials that won’t last nearly as long.

One Goalie vs. Three Goalies

The metal bar or rod that sits right in front of your goal box may have just one goalie or up to three goalies. With three goalies, you can move that bar in different directions to defend your goal box and keep an opponent from scoring on you. Tables with just one goalie make it harder to defend your goal.

Cabinet Color

Brunswick makes foosball tables that come with cabinets in a natural wood color as well as those that are black. While color may not seem very important to you, the wrong color can detract from the decorations in your rec room and make the table stand out in the wrong way. Look for a cabinet color that will match or complement the room where you will use that table.


When you look for foosball tables from Brunswick online, you’ll often come across tables made by the company but sold by others. Buying one of those tables is risky because you won’t get the Brunswick guarantee. Make sure that you only buy Brunswick foosball and other game tables from Brunswick itself.

Top Rated Brunswick Foosball Tables on the Market

1. Brunswick 51870486001 Wood Foosball Table (Check Price on

With three goalies right in front of your goal, this Brunswick 51870486001 Wood Foosball Table makes it easier to track the ball as it comes down the field toward you and to move your men into the perfect position to defend that goal and keep someone from scoring. Each side of the table features four handles that let you play an intense game against just one other person or add an extra player to each team to get some help as you play. Brunswick opted for shades of black and silver for the men on this table to help you keep an eye on your own men as well as those used by other players.

Brunswick also added a melamine playing field that sits right at the table, which features a solid green base that resembles the grass on a soccer field and white borders that outline each goal box and mark the kickoff area in the center of the table. Though each man on the field has an angled foot that lets you put more force behind your shots, those men won’t scratch or damage the playing field. When a player scores, you can move one of the tiles used on the scoring mechanisms.

As a heavy-duty foosball table, this table has metal rods that match the rods used on the top of the table in between each set of legs, which gives the table extra support and ensures that no matter how excited players get, they won’t tip over the table. Two other features we love are cup holders that flip up and down to hold drinks of different sizes and a ball return system. This system works with and accepts balls from both goal boxes and allows you to more easily grab balls during games and keep track of those balls later.

2. Brunswick Foosball Table – Matte Black Kicker (Check Price on

Though you might take one look at this table and think that it is exactly the same as the other Brunswick table in our number one spot, this table uses cheaper and more inexpensive materials that help lower its overall cost. One of those materials is a type of vinyl that Brunswick used over the surface of the wood cabinet, which gives it a matte black finish like the last table and also makes it more affordable. This table has the same features as the last table like a realistic green playing field made of melamine that can withstand even the most forceful of shots.

Ball retrieval systems like the one on this foosball table are much easier to use than the systems found on other tables that require you stick your hand in a tight space to locate a ball, and as this system moves the ball away from both goals, no one player will have an advantage over the other when the ball goes back to the table. Each of the four rods that you will use to defend your goal and move the ball down the field has attached handles that let you keep a firm grip and move the ball where you want it to go without your hands slipping or sliding. It also comes with three men in front of each goal.

Though you probably won’t want to take this foosball outside for a game, you can use it safely in different climates because the vinyl used on the cabinet protects it from moisture damage. During more intense matches, you’ll love that you have two cup holders on each end of the table for keeping drinks on hand to stay hydrated. Brunswick also added two scoring areas on each end that feature the same colors as the men playing on the top of the table.

The Ultimate Brunswick Foosball Table

The best Brunswick foosball table is its Brunswick 51870486001 Wood Foosball Table, which features a heavy-duty wood cabinet with a matte black finish. If you’re tired of grabbing balls from your own goal box after a player scores because you think it gives one person an unfair advantage, you’ll love that this table has a ball return system that moves the balls scored closer to the center. Its four attached legs have metal support posts and levelers that keep the table steady and let you adjust the legs.

Another great feature is the cup holders on each end. Instead of building those cup holders into the design like other manufacturers do, Brunswick put those holders on the outside and let you drop each one down as needed and fold the holders back up to keep them out of your way. With scoring systems that match back to the men on the field, you can keep track of the total score too.

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