Warrior Foosball Table Reviews & Buying Guide

Foosball is one of the few games that will delight players of all ages. Also called table soccer games, these games feature small players, usually made of plastic, attached to a metal pole that sticks through the sides of the table. Plastic or rubber grips on those handles help you direct the action and hit your players to move the ball across the table and into the goal on the opposite side.

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Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table W/ LEDs 9.7Check Price on Amazon
Warrior Professional Foosball Table W/ LEDs 9.4Check Price on Amazon
Warrior Professional Foosball Table 9Check Price on Amazon

Some tables are so small that you can use one right on your dining room table or on your coffee table, but we prefer the larger tables that come with legs and are tall enough for both adults and kids to use. One of these tables can become the focal point of your game room and make the parties you throw even more fun. Warrior Table Soccer is a company that makes these tables as well as some accessories, and we think the Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table W/LEDs (Check Price on Amazon.com) is the best foosball table from the company.

The Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table W/LEDs uses a rod system with safety guards to keep those metal rods from sliding out of the table and durable little players that won’t chip or break. This table is great for event planners as well as homes because it actually breaks down into two separate pieces for moving. With built-in LED lights, this table can add an exciting touch when you play with friends and family in your home.

How to Choose the Best Warrior Foosball Table


Before you even look at one of the foosball tables that Warrior Table Soccer makes, you need to decide how much you want to spend. Its professional foosball table is more affordable and is strong enough for most types of players, though you may find that it doesn’t last as long as its LED table does. This LED table is more expensive but is a good value for the money.


If you typically play with your kids or just a few other players, you can get by with a shorter table like the professional foosball table from the company. Though it does have four handles on each side, it’s best for only two players to use at a time. The LED table from the company can accommodate up to four players on each of its sides.

Playing Field

Playing field refers to the look and design of the field that sits on top of the table. Most tables have the outline of a goal on each end and other accents that make it look like a real soccer field as well as the company’s logo in the center. Its LED table includes accents in the center as well.

Guard System

Always make sure that the Warrior table soccer table that you buy has the company’s patented guard system. This system incorporates pieces that attach to the inside and the outside of the table. No matter how much force you put on the rods, those rods will remain in the table.

Counter-Balanced Players

You should also ensure that your table comes with counter-balanced men or players. The weights used inside those players allow each one to lean forward or back as you turn the rod. Once you release the rod though, the weights allow the players to come back to center.


With most Warrior foosball tables, you’ll need to sacrifice some floor space to make room for the table and leave enough room free around the table that those playing can move easily. The LED table from the company requires more space but is easier to store. This table breaks down into two different pieces down the middle.

Set Up and Assembly

The professional table from Warrior is generally the easiest one to set up and assemble. It comes with a specialized tool designed by the company that you will use for putting it together. The LED table is larger and will require more time and effort to assemble.


Do you want all your party guests to flock around the table and watch others play as they wait for their own turns? The LED table from Warrior is your best choice because it comes with LED lights that completely surround the inside of the table. You can use one color of light or opt for several colors.


A standard height for foosball tables is 36-inches tall, and all tables from Warrior use this same height. This helps you move your players and keep the game going without stooping or hunching over the table.

Top Rated Warrior Foosball Tables on the Market

Though you might assume that a major company like Warrior makes a number of foosball tables, the company tends to focus more on the accessories that you use with those tables. You can pick up new balls to replace those you lost, new players to replace worn out ones on your table and even bags for taking those pieces with you or storing those pieces between games. Warrior only makes three foosball tables that are currently available on the market.

1. Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table W/ LEDs (Check Price on Amazon.com)

The best table from Warrior is the Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table W/ LEDs, which is also one of the largest foosball tables available from Warrior or any other manufacturer. This table comes with an amazing set of lights that actually surround the top of the table to highlight the players and the action happening. Though you can choose one set color for those lights, you can also select a variable option that cycles between lights or a setting that uses different colored lights around the edges.

If you ever played on a cheaper foosball table before, you probably found that the rods you used to turn your players had a tendency to slide out too far, which limited the control you had. Warrior Table Soccer included its patented guard system on this table, which incorporates guards on the ends of each rod that allow the rods to only come out a set distance from the table. The grips added to those rods fit comfortably in your hands and allow you to hold on tightly, even if your hands get sweaty.

At 102-inches long, this is easily one of the longest foosball tables that you’ll ever see, which makes it suitable for use in arcades as well as homes. The eight set of rods located on each side allows up to four players to play against each other on each side, but the table gives players enough space to turn their rods without tripping over each other. As it stands 36-inches high, older and younger players can use the table too.

While this table is quite long, it’s also easy to both store and move. You can break down the table right along the middle to split it into two even pieces, which you can then move more easily. Warrior Table Soccer added built-in scorekeepers on each end that act like an abacus to keep track of your score too.

2. Warrior Professional Foosball Table W/ LEDsĀ (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Not everyone has the space necessary for a large table like our top ranked model, which is why the company makes the Warrior Professional Foosball Table W/ LEDs. This table combines the awesome LED lights of the last table with the smaller and more compact design of its professional table to create one that will work in any home. It stands 36-inches high and measures 55-inches long to meet the standards for competition play.

A standard power cord provides the power necessary to run those LED lights, but this power cord plugs into the side and won’t get in the way of the ball moving across the table or the players standing on the sides. As a variable lighting feature, those lights will cycle through several different colors like red and green, which will catch the eyes of all party guests and make them want to try out the table. Those lights wrap around the table but will not get in the way of your plastic players or interfere with the ball.

Not only does this professional table meet the standards for competition play, but it also matches the standards found on the tables that professionals use for practice sessions and games. Each plastic player hovers just above the surface of the table, which allows the pointed ends to hit the ball with as much force as possible, but this design also keeps your own players from blocking the ball that you just hit. The surface of the table is bright green and features white outlines around the goals and around the center to mimic the look of an actual soccer field.

Thanks to the guard system that Warrior designed, you can feel comfortable letting kids play with this table without hovering over their shoulders. This system keeps players from pulling the rods out of the table, which can lead to accidents, and ensures that the table is always ready for a game.

3. Warrior Professional Foosball TableĀ (Check Price on Amazon.com)

While LED lights are a nice feature found on some Warrior Table Soccer tables, this Warrior Professional Foosball Table is similar to the last table but lacks those lights, which helps lower its overall cost. Measuring 56-inches long by 32-inches wide, the cabinet of this table is suitable for competition play and meets all competition standards. It also stands 36-inches tall, which helps take some of the pressure off your body because you can reach all your rods without bending or stretching.

Those rods use heavy-duty metal that lets you put more pressure or force behind your movements, but these rods are easy to move and won’t leave you feeling worn out after a game. The included rod guards serve two different important purposes. These guards will keep the rods from striking kids and others watching the action, but the guards also prevent the rods from sliding or falling out of the table.

The counter-balanced men evenly spaced across each rod will spin and move with each twist, but the weights inside allow those players to come right back to the center too. Though this table doesn’t break down, it does come with the only tool that you need for putting it together. Warrior Table Soccer found that most customers set the table up the first time in an hour or less.

While other foosball table manufacturers opt for lighter colored woods that often look artificial, Warrior Table Soccer opted for a black finish on this cabinet that will blend with the look of your game room. This cabinet features a set of scorekeepers on each end that slide across the table for marking each goal made. If you need to use this professional foosball table on an uneven surface, you’ll love that it comes with levelers on each of the four legs that let you lift and lower the table to even out the top to create a level playing field.

The Ultimate Warrior Foosball Table

Though you may want to spend a little less on a foosball table, a cheaper table won’t provide all the excitement of the Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table W/LEDs. The built-in LED lights that Warrior uses are exclusive to this model and a feature that you won’t find on tables from other companies. Those lights enhance the playing field and will make everyone in the room want to come over and take a turn.

If you worry that you don’t have enough space for a foosball table, you’ll like that this one breaks in half for storing in an out of the way place between parties or for moving the party to another location. Its rod system features sleek metal rods that won’t stick inside the table and built-in guards that prevent players from pulling out the rods. The table is also long enough for up to four people to play on each side, which is great for playing on teams.

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